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Drake Busath, a family and child portrait photographer from Salt Lake City, grew up in a darkroom watching his Dad grow Busath Studio and Gardens.  Drake’s own sons are now the third generation to work in the family business!

Why would a photographer who has such experience want to attend a conference or join a photography association?  Drake says “working on your own, isolated from other professionals in the field can feel like the whole world is working against you!  Your competitors can feel like enemies and that’s a crummy way to live!  Going to a conference and rubbing shoulders with other professional photographers can ease that sense of loneliness.  Other photographers become allies and we realize that the real enemy is complacency!”

Drake is presenting three programs at the IPCE.  His early riser program will focus on fine art photography and while he discusses composition and lighting, he will share his images from the past 18 years of teaching workshops in Italy.  His main program will give you the skills to improve your family portraiture and he will share his sales and marketing methods that help his family exceed one million in annual sales!  Drake will also have a full day workshop that will focus on creating fresh, classic family and children’s portraiture with beautiful natural light. He will also spend time reviewing marketing tips that bring in the right clients and the low key sales methods that keep those clients returning year after year.

Drakes feels that the veteran family photographer will gain the most from his programs as they will understand the deeper and more subtle messages on providing more value to their current clients.  He will help the seasoned pro create more honest and authentic images with more feelings, images that will speak to the next three or four generations!

New photographers will gain three game changing techniques to help improve their business: lighting techniques for more dimensional family groups, how to take a good group pose and make it great and marketing tips to get those family clients in the door!

Join Drake and see why his clients love and value his work and keep coming back year after year! For more information on Drake’s programs, please visit:Drake Busath

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