Ottawa School Photography Workshop | High Volume with Lee Simmonds

Lee Simmonds has been a professional photographer long enough to create success careers in a few different genre’s of photography! Lee started as a commercial tourism photographer creating landscape and stock photography for the who’s who of the tourism industry. Lee then helped create the largest photography provider in the Canadian Rockies by offering world class corporate event photography for businesses and celebrities.

Eight years ago, Lee did an honest assessment of his skill set, earning potential, and life goals. His desire to spend more time with his family and friends was high on his list of improvements to make in his life. Schools are photographed mid week during business hours while most other photography engagements were evenings and weekends which lead Lee to high volume photography.

Lee has two favourite parts of high volume photography for school, grad, and youth sport. The first is to take an idea whether it be a lighting pattern, background choice or posing option that is usually unavailable to the average Canadian and drive that creativity into a product that is available for hundreds or thousands of excited clients! His second favourite part is to plan and executive the photography of 100’s-1000’s of individual clients, apply customized data, very cool layouts and deliver finished prints to the clients in three weeks, all without killing himself!

If you would like to add high volume photography to your skill set, Lee will pull back the curtain and show the inner workings of volume photography’s best practices! He’ll touch on school, youth sport and grad along with showcasing how to create and deliver the products most in demand! Lee will show live photography and workflow practices aimed at delivering products like team sports panoramics and school green screen!

For more information on Lee’s program, please visit:Lee Simmonds

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