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Joe McNally has been a photographer for more than 30 years.  He describes himself as a “generalist” because of his ability to execute a wide range of assignment work.

Over the course of his career, Joe has experienced both the highs and lows that come in life!  In the low times, Joe encourages photographers to keep working and stay the course.  He believes that a door will always open if you are determined to make it happen so remain in the marketplace and make sure the world is still hearing about you!

Joe will be presenting three programs at the IPCE.  His early riser will focus on how to create and maintain a long term career in photography. He will share how he had to redirect his career to ensure he remained in it.  In his full program, Joe will teach you how to work with big and small flash units.  He will demonstrate how a light shaper can affect the light and help create the mood and drama in an image.  Joe will also be presenting a full day workshop with live model sessions.  This workshop will focus on the big three of light, quality, colour and direction.

Joe encourages new photographers to learn about light as it is the basis for all photographs.  If you attend his programs, you will walk away knowing the value of strong lighting in your photographs.  Seasoned photographers can look at Joe’s programs on lighting as a “tune up” in their own lighting abilities.

There are many options out there nowadays for education but there is one huge advantage that the IPCE offers it’s attendees, and that is interaction with your colleagues.  Joe enjoys attending in person conferences because of it’s imperfect nature.  If an instructor is on stage teaching and something isn’t going right, the spectators get to experience how that photographer works with failure and creates from it.  This to Joe is the strongest benefit of attending a conference!  It is here that you will gain the insight to the whole creative process and you can take it back to your own work!

Join Joe McNally as he takes you through using light to create images that are strong, dynamic and full of impact.  For more information on Joe’s programs, please visit:

Joe’s Programs

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