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David Anthony Williams is a wedding photographer from Toronto, Ontario. David is a second generation photographer and has had an extensive career in photography which began in Australia. David has gone through many cameras and accessories and now knows it’s exactly what his dad originally said: it’s all about the light and expression!

David believes the advantage of attending an in person conference is rubbing shoulders with other photographers. He states “it is a very fertile learning ground for anyone of any experience – much more fulfilling than looking at bits of a program in isolation”. With an online training program, you can hit pause or fast forward through parts that you think you know which could cause you to miss vital information. This is not the case when you attend the IPCE!

Ottawa wedding photography workshop

David has a fantastic outlook on life. He believes you can never stop learning! David asks that you bring a printed out piece of work to his class when you attend. In terms of what you can expect from his class, David sums it up best:

“For the brand new photographer – no one, NO ONE was born with a silver cable release in their hands. We have all had to invest a huge amount of time and money into learning our trade and our art. It’s NOT free. There is NO easy answer or fast-track route. What you can learn from is the mistakes that all of us have made long before photography was a ‘gleam in your eye’ – but you have to work, and realize that the beautiful shot you did today may actually be mundane tomorrow…because you’ll get better.

For the more experienced photographer – My personal experience is connected to my Dad’s experience. He started in 1927. I often came to him with problems that I thought were specific to my time and to the year I was in. Didn’t matter whether it was ‘the backyarders are ruining the business’ or ‘the guy down the road is charging half what I do’….the problems were EXACTLY the same in 1927. Don’t blame technology and don’t blame the competition. It’s all happened before. People thrive and people fail. The big problem is thinking you are the only ‘person doing it right’………”

In additional to presenting his three programs, David will be hosting a fundraiser for the CK Animal Shelter during the conference. For a $20 donation, David will create a black and white portrait of attendees. Over the course of the conference, the gallery will grow, and as it does, so too does the size of the donation! David is sponsored by Epson and Fujifilm in his Homeless Gallery fundraiser so please be sure to pack appropriate clothing and help David raise funds for a very important cause!

David loves helping people see outside the box, and when you attend his programs at the IPCE, you will see how truly dedicated he is to ensuring his attendees are equipped with the thought process of adapting ideas!

For more information on David’s programs, please visit: David’s Bio

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