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Main Program with Greg Blue

Tuesday, May 8, 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

There is something fairly unique in the style of photographers such as Annie Leibovits, Mark Seliger, or Nadav Kander – besides Annie’s obvious colour grading, Photoshop plays a relatively quiet role in their work. Instead it’s their exceptional ability to control and manipulate light that stands out so clearly in their imagery. What separates photographers like them is their depth of knowledge in relation to lighting theory and technique.

In this full-day workshop, Greg will be giving a crash course on the most critical aspects of deep lighting theory – in one morning, participants will learn the theory that drives every lighting technique available to us. And it’s not about the brand of equipment you use.

Next, Greg will divide the audience into working groups and lead those groups on some complex lighting problem solving exercises. Participants will work in groups to suggest solutions on how a variety of images were lit – some complex, and some very subtle. These exercises often result in some incredibly unique and unconventional lighting solutions based on the knowledge and experiences of the participants – here we all benefit from each other’s experiences.

Finally, Greg will end the workshop by shooting a series of demos on how to fine tune and manipulate your lighting for both people and still life photography using a variety of store bought and homemade modifiers.