Stephanie Robin - The Art and Science of Newborn Posing

Event Details

Full day workshop with Stephanie Robin

Friday, May 4, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Optional Program)
The Art and Science of Newborn Posing

The Art and Science of Newborn Posing – Stephanie will teach you safe newborn posing through demonstrations with a live newborn baby! She will also share her styling rules and attendees will be encouraged to stylize several sets. Stephanie will also cover everything you wish you knew from pricing to products on running a successful newborn portrait studio.

Follow along with internationally acclaimed newborn posing instructor Stephanie Robin as she breaks down emotive newborn posing into easily achievable steps.
During Stephanie’s Art & Science of Newborn Posing workshop you will experience everything from the physiology behind Stephanie’s posing techniques to her hands on posing training throughout live newborn model demonstrations. You will learn the necessary skills to get great straight out of camera (SOOC) imagery and have the opportunity to discuss the business of newborns with personalized advice from Stephanie.
The workshop will begin as you get to know one another before you delve into the physiology behind safe newborn posing through demonstrations with a live newborn model and the aid of a SIB (Stand In Baby) trainer. Stephanie incorporates her background as a physiotherapist and knowledge of newborn physiology in her tried and true posing formulas. With safe posing and baby’s physiologic needs in mind, Stephanie will give you the tools you need to create emotive poses your clients will love. You will learn calming techniques, Stephanie’s preferred posing order and how to transition seamlessly from one pose to the next to generate stunning galleries complete with plenty of variety and unique imagery with as little effort as possible.
You will be led through the step by step successful methods that will help you attain and refine this posing series. You will also have the opportunity to follow along utilizing one of 3 SIB trainers throughout the workshop.
As part of this workshop, Stephanie will share with you her styling rules and as a class you will style several sets for use with the newborn models present. You are invited to photograph gorgeous beanbag, prop and parent/sibling setups from your workshop experience and receive feedback on composition and/or camera functions where appropriate.
A casual, but detailed Q&A will be held during our breaks to cover everything you wish you knew, from pricing to product to consumer relations and beyond! You can count on Stephanie to be candid with her experience and expertise in the field of newborn photography and answer your questions honestly to the best of her ability.