Gavin John is a freelance photojournalist from Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma of Journalism in 2013, and graduated from the University of Calgary, majoring in International Relations in 2020.

Gavin’s passion lies in humane visual reporting on stories around security, conflict, unrest, and Indigenous issues. John has covered a wide variety of national and international stories since 2013 including: Southern Alberta floods in 2013, Canadian Forces deployment to the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, daily life in North Korea, northern sovereignty operations in the high arctic, the war against the Islamic State in Iraq, BLM civil unrest in Seattle, COVID-19 response on the Blackfoot Siksika Nation, and recently Pope Francis apology for Residential Schools. Gavin currently freelances for The Globe and Mail.

Gavin is a member of Indigenous Photograph Collective and a participant of the 2020 Room Up Front mentorship program for Canadian BIPOC photojournalists. His work has been featured by Withrow Commons Gallery in Toronto in 2018 and has a public exhibit by Arts Commons in Calgary in 2020. He has undergone HEFAT training with Global Journalist Security in Washington DC.

Perspectives from a Visual Storyteller

In my 10-year career I have had the honour of covering some of Canadas and the worlds most important events for numerous new agencies as a photojournalist. My work has taken me to places of conflict, crisis, and unrest to document the lives and stories of people who have lived through traumatic and controversial events.

My work has given me an immense sense of purpose and pride. Events of tragedy and strife deserve to be documented through empathy, compassion, and professionalism, while challenging biases. I will be speaking on my career as a photojournalist and methods of documenting difficult, complicated, and complex issues. 

As a visual storyteller, it can be a challenge to know where the lines of bias and tropes lie, and further challenging on how to tell stories accurately. I will share some of my experiences covering politically and socially complicated issues such as the War in Iraq, BLM protests in Seattle, and Indigenous affairs in Canada. 

Please visit me at Gavin Bryan John