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Kelly Vanderbeek

For over a decade, Kelly VanderBeek professionally threw herself down mountains at speeds over 145km/h.  Today, this Olympian & World Cup Medallist makes her living as a speaker, broadcaster, and artist.  Among other things, she’s Hosted the Olympic Games; the Calgary Stampede; and guest-hosted The Good’s variety show. Behind the lens, Kelly’s an award-winning photographer and SONY industry advisor.  She is also on the Board Of Directors for WinSport & Alpine Canada and consults with Own The Podium.

The best way to summarize Kelly’s portfolio is to say, she is a storyteller both behind and in-front of a camera.

Program Description

In this two part presentation, Kelly Vanderbeek will give us insight to:

Pain Free Photography

Being a photographer is a physical job and we must take care of our health to succeed over the long term. In this 20-minute pain-free crash course, you will learn from a recovering Olympian (who’s suffered several severe sports injuries) about how she reduces knee/back/shoulder/wrist pain, with an eye to increase longevity as a photographer.

Credit the Edit

Learn from a speed-demon how to shoot world class images and deliver them within minutes.