Monika Deviat is an award-winning photographer, educator, and speaker based out of Alberta, Canada. Her photography career started in darkness with concert photography. She has travelled across North America and even on International Waters to shoot heavy metal shows and festivals. In 2015, Monika shifted from shooting stars on stage to stars in the sky. Night photography became Monika’s personal favourite genre, and it goes hand in hand with her landscape and adventure images. She is driven to capture unique scenes that inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the wild places surrounding us. Her photos have been published in natural and international books, magazines, and webzines. Monika’s photography journey has also led her to teach workshops, and she is passionate about sharing knowledge and creating memorable experiences.

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Presentation Outline: Creative Vision From Darkness

Light is a crucial element in photography – chased often, discussed and analyzed, and sometimes cursed when it doesn’t cooperate. When we lose light, photography becomes more challenging. But darkness brings a new world that can spark a completely different way of thinking and seeing. Monika’s photography career began in the dark with low light indoor environments while shooting concerts and events. Her transition into the outdoors and natural light was motivated by starlight, aurora borealis, and the Milky Way. It was the lack of light and wondrous night skies of Alberta that influenced and directed her nature photography journey. Monika will discuss her creative vision at night, and how it translated to and influenced her imagery and approach when the sun overtakes the stars.