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A striking union of European charm and North American attitude, Montréal seduces visitors with a harmonious pairing of the historic and the new, from exquisite architecture to fine dining.

Day and night, Montréal pulses with activity. Each season, it is host to an array of events, exhibitions and gatherings for the thousands of culture, nature and thrill seekers who come here to enjoy its diverse offerings. While Montréal’s masterful chefs continue to elevate its reputation as a gourmet destination, creative artists and artisans draw admirers in droves to the haute couture ateliers, arts galleries and charming boutiques that line the city streets..

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Montréal’s diversity of recreational activities is all about choice: stay active or simply sit back and relax. Spend an afternoon at the spa or the Casino de Montréal, take a gourmet cooking class or stroll through the Botanical Garden. Go cycling, golfing or swimming in summer, and skating, skiing or sledding in winter. Watch Canadiens hockey, Alouettes football and Impact soccer. Explore the world at the Biodôme, Insectarium and Planetarium at the Space for Life and at the Ecomuseum Zoo and the Science Centre. Or go to extremes at La Ronde amusement park, SOS Labyrinth, zip-lining, surfing the rapids, rock climbing and more.

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Festivals and Events

Festivals and grand events are a cornerstone of life in Montréal. Jazz, comedy, avant-garde dance, poutine – name a season, art form or signature local dish and you’ll find Montréal has a festival for it. From illuminated winter festivals of art, gastronomy and outdoor sports to international rhythms and circus performances in the heat of summer, the city’s festivals and special events gather locals and visitors alike in the name of celebration. Relaxing under the sun or in the plush comfort of a theatre seat, festival-goers and artists from all walks of life come together to create Montréal’s truly unique festival vibe.

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Great food is undeniably the stuff of life in Montréal – locals all have their favourite tried-and-true restaurants, go-to take-out dishes and an ongoing list of new eateries and cafés to try. It might take multiple return trips to decide on your own favourites, whether we’re talking poutine, bagels or foie gras. From five-star restaurants and carefully prepared dishes from around the world to legendary local diners and street-side food trucks, Montréal offers one-of-a-kind experiences for all tastes, all year round.

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Heritage & Architecture

A heritage hundreds of years old with stunning architecture to match meets new architectural innovation in Montréal, where a stroll down 18th-century cobblestone streets feels like time travel. Jump into Expo 67 era at Habitat 67 and Buckminster Fuller’s Biosphere, get the 1976 Summer Olympics vibe at the Olympic Stadium, and visit the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s extensive local and international exhibitions. For its creative views on architecture, Montréal was appointed the first UNESCO City of Design in North America – see why first-hand in Montréal’s jewel of urban design, the Quartier International, an eclectic mix of striking skyscrapers nestled alongside heritage buildings.

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Museums & Culture

Immerse yourself in history and culture, museum and art exhibitions, hands-on science or galactic discoveries – it’s all within reach at Montréal’s many museums and galleries. Carefully curated temporary and permanent exhibitions make the city’s large museums always worth a visit. Cultural centres and private galleries in every neighbourhood contribute new aesthetics and perspectives on contemporary art. Central box office La Vitrine is where you’ll find tickets for dance, theatre, opera, circus and more performances, film screenings and music concerts – whether you choose a show from a well-known choreographer or a local star’s newest multimedia project, it’s sure to be a memorable night out in Montréal.

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With Montréal’s nightlife, there’s never a dull moment. A wonder during the day, the city becomes supercharged after dark, igniting a fun-loving, welcoming edginess rarely found anywhere else. At microbreweries, jazz bars, dance clubs, live music venues, rooftop terraces and everything in between, rub shoulders with an eclectic mix of professionals, students, musicians, artists and fashionistas from around the world. Start the night early with a “5 à 7” happy hour pint with locals or sip cocktails with movie stars, go show hopping at a music festival or stay out late dancing to whatever beat moves you.

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Shopping in Montréal is as unique as the city itself. Revamp your wardrobe, buy unique gifts and souvenirs and pick up an edible slice of the city, all in one shopping trip. A notable destination for all things fashion, Montréal inspires designers of streetwear and haute couture, jewellery and home decor. Keep an eye out for vintage clothing, trendy pop-up shops and beautiful antiques too. In a city that loves to eat, drink and be merry, fine foods abound: locally made chocolate, wine, spirits and more deliciousness will have you savouring memories of Montréal long after your visit.

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See Montréal through the eyes of experts on tours that go beyond sightseeing – delve into history, culture, fabulous food and even the city’s secrets. Double-decker buses whisk you from major sights to incredible views from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. Walking tours highlight everything from Old Montréal’s industrial past to colourful urban murals. Bike trips give you an insider’s eye on neighbourhood hotspots. Tasting excursions stop for bagels, poutine, coffee, wine and more classic consumables. Whether on group or private tours, let the city’s certified guides lead the way to getting to know Montréal.

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