Cinematographer / Director Commercial, Editorial & Portrait Photographer

For the past fifteen years of his career, Greg has been been traveling Canada shooting the people and places that are the economic back bone of this country. Because almost all his work involves people to some extent, he has developed an incredible knack for directing people while making them feel comfortable at the same time-a skill that is crucial for getting regular people to be compelling on screen.

Main Program

The Transition From Commercial Still Photography To Commercial Video

With General Registration & À la Carte
In English
Sunday, April 26, 2020
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Transitioning from commercial still photography to commercial video requires an investment in equipment. Greg Huszar will provide a hands-on look at the gear that has allowed him to successfully make that step.

Greg will display his travel location kit for both stills and video setup for participants to view and ask questions, and will discuss a variety of topics relating to assembling a setup that works for both formats.

Eye Opener

Two Crafts Colliding

Additional Fees & À la Carte
In English
Sunday, April 26, 2020
8:00am to 9:30am

Greg Huszar has successfully combined the disciplines of still photography and video production and will share his experiences in making that cross-over from his own unique perspective. The good, the bad, and the ugly, he will share the war stories that make up his own experience as a commercial photographer growing his business to include commercial video production.

Greg will dive into the process of getting up to speed in the world of commercial video production, including the creative differences and similarities that are shared with still photography.

Greg will include a broad strokes view of the equipment he invested in to allow him to take on requests from clients for video production. He will share some of his own work while discussing the influence that motion work has had on the way he approaches still photography.


Greg Huszar Photographer / Cinematographer / Director

Greg’s photography career began in 1993 and is rooted in his time as a student in SIAST in the two-year diploma photography program. Not only did his education prepare him technically for a career in photography, but the networking with industry professionals lead him to employment in the commercial advertising sector.

Gaining real world experience over the next 7 years as a photographer’s assistant allowed Greg to gain experience as a photographer and get acquainted with many ad agency creatives, corporate clientele, and government departments involved in promoting the province. This broad base of contacts resulted in an opportunity for Greg to create work as the head photographer, and prompted him to start Greg Huszar Photography in 2002.

Crediting his powerhouse reputation as a location commercial still photographer, Greg made another successful leap, this time into the world of commercial video as a director and director of photography, rebranding as Huszar Visuals.

Greg has seized the opportunity to tell stories in moving images for clients in the agricultural, industrial, tourism sectors, and the agencies that support them. His strong visual style, creative vision and easy going rapport with subjects and collaborators continues to win over clients in both the photography and video worlds. Greg’s continued investment in his company’s production infrastructure, and his employment of a talented group of experienced individuals allows Huszar Visuals the continued ability to produce high quality photography and video work. His ability to meet the high standards he has established is the reason he is sought after by clients and industry creatives.

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