Liette Chamberland

Fine Arts Photographer
Early Riser*

Your New Best Friends: Your Business And Your Marketing Plan

*Extra Fee & À la Carte
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
8:00am to 9:30 am

The step-by-step of writing your own solid business & marketing plans so that you can achieve your goals.

  • Why business & marketing plans are so important;
  • Demystify the process of writing a business & marketing plan;
  • Know where to get the information you need;
  • Know the answers;
  • And much more…

Liette started in photography in 1981 at Studio de Photographie La Baie in Montreal East, then studied at College de Photographie Marsan in 1985 and tried to live from her art. It didn’t take long before everything fell apart: lack of business sense was the primary cause of her failure.

She then studied law and practiced as a Crown Prosecutor in Montreal, Quebec and then in Construction Law as a judicial counsel for a private corporation. She presided many board of directors: Sherwood Forest Home & School, Sherwood Forest Governing Board, Quebec Federation of Home and School Association, Société de Développement Commercial de Hudson and was an active director on the Advisory Board on English Education. Through the years she developed a strong business sense.

In 2012, she returned to her first love and set-up a home studio. In 2014, she resigned as a lawyer and opened a stone and mortar studio and boutique. Since then, her businesses have been growing year after year.


Liette Chamberland is a Fine Art photographer at Stirling Arts Boutique & Photo Studio Inc. in Hudson, Quebec. She creates unique artwork for discerning individuals, book covers and merchandising for the boutique.