Benoit Legault & Andrew William Simpson
Business Program

Killing Sales Objections: Boost Your Sales By Giving A Valuable Answer

With Full Registration & À la Carte
Saturday, April 27, 2019
1:00pm to 4:00pm

On a day to day basis, clients come to us with projects. A buying decision towards their project has already been made but the real question will you be the person chosen to perform the job?

It all depends on:

  • Your ability to convince the client on how you will bring value to his or her project.
  • How you can answer possible sales objections.

Sales objections are there because, most of the time, we fail to demonstrate a significant level of value. We are not good at reversing the risk associated with dealing with a stranger.

This program features two talents: Benoit Legault, who ran successful studios in Montreal and Toronto and Andrew William Simpson who is working along with his parents in their family run studio in Abbotsford, BC studio.

Both will share their knowledge in ways to increase the perception of value and to answer the deadliest sales objections. After this program, you will see your sales increase considerably by implementing these proven strategies.

75 minutes of priceless content followed by 45 minutes of Q&A. You will not leave the room until you get all your answers.

So, come prepared with your questions.

Get ready to boost your sales immediately after your return from the PPOC convention.


Benoit Legault

Portrait Photographer

Having been one of PhotoCoach’s first clients in 2001, I had the privilege of going through his program teaching me the know-how to make a decent living doing something I am passionate about. It is with gratitude and respect for Andre Amyot that I share this with you.

Thanks to the exercises but mostly to the methods of putting basic principles into action, I was able to go from annual sales of $34,392 to near a million dollars; all in less than 5 years. I went from being alone in my small business to being president/owner of two studios with over 10 full-time employees.

It is my turn to teach the powerful lessons which I learned and put into practice. My plan is to bring adaptations geared to new technologies so that the system offers even more in the new markets of photography.

Having finished my studies in photography in 1994, I immediately plunged into the world of studio photography. I had the great opportunity of working with the finest photographers in Europe. In 1997, I created my first business, a lab for professional photographers specializing in black and white photography. However, commercial and portrait photography quickly took over from the lab business.

It was in 2001 that I met Andre Amyot who took me under his wing so that I was able to become much more independent. I worked on my sales offer and on my services and it was then that my business took off! Within 5 years, I multiplied my sales by 1000. In 2005, I purchased a very specialized portrait studio in Montreal and opened a second one in Toronto in 2008.

We photographed over 500 families per studio with a sales average of about $1000 per family.

Now with quite a bit of experience accumulated, my passion has shifted to more of a training mode and it is in that spirit that I am so pleased to join the PhotoCoach International team. I am very happy to be able to teach and share with as many photographers as possible the way to earn a respectable living from their passion.


Andrew William Simpson

Portrait Photographer

Nearing my 30s, I have met many aspiring photographers and artists my age, younger, and older; who know how to use a camera and can take some nice images. They’ve even taken out huge government loans to fund their schooling in a photography program.

They end up flooding Instagram and they have a huge following… however the vast majority of them work other jobs because, as much as they’d love to, they can’t figure out how to make a living in photography. This is a HUGE problem! I feel that you should be able to make a living doing what you love and what you’re passionate about!

I took a few classes in school and to be honest, my art needed quite a bit of work at the time. I used an old 35mm Canon and shot only in B&W, even developed and printed my own images.

This is where I found my passion for the art. I, however, didn’t join the business of photography until later. A few years were spent traveling the world and appreciating different cultures and art in Europe. In 2010, I joined a cruise ship that sailed the South Pacific as a photographer. This is probably the hardest I have ever worked in my life as a photographer. 13 hours a day, 7 days a week for 14 months. In one week, our department of 9 photographers would bring in over $100,000 through photo sales. Do the math, how much in 14 months?

Roughly $6,000,000; this I find to be quite remarkable.

Looking at the business side of it, everything was broken down to a perfect system that nearly guaranteed success on the cruise ship. Why not do the same? After leaving the cruise ship I joined my family’s business and took over the marketing and much of the business side of things and I haven’t looked back. Needless to say, my photography has much improved over the years; but even more so, my business plan.

Joining the PhotoCoach International team gives me another opportunity to not only push my business even further but also to share my experience worldwide.