Julia Anna Gospodarou

Fine Art B&W-Architecture Photographer
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(en)Visionography™ – Creating the Fine Art Photography of Tomorrow – Architecture, Landscape, People

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Monday April 29, 2019
3:00am to 6:00pm

Regardless of the subject you are working with, photography can be more than photography. It can be an art. It can be (en)Visionography.

Learn how to elevate photography to the level of art from the founder of (en)Visionography™ , the artistic movement that aims to define a new way of creating fine art photography in the digital age. Julia Anna will guide you into the secrets of the fine art photography of tomorrow, into how to use your vision to create more than photography, to create (en)Visionography.

(en)Visionography introduces the concept of “total artistic freedom” in photography, which brings it closer to the idea of art. The tools we use as photographers today, from gear and equipment to advanced software and technology, allow us to create much more than we were able to create in the past. Given this new freedom, the fine art photography of tomorrow can be much more fulfilling for its creator, giving them new possibilities of expression.

As the new fine art photography of the digital era, (en)Visionography is based on the vision of the artist and their own life experiences and emotion, rather than on staying faithful to the actual subject or the conventions of traditional photography.

This program will teach you how to use both your gear and software tools, as well as your imagination and talent as artists, to find and express your artistic vision and create authentic and striking fine art photography, helping you define yourself as an artist and earn a place in contemporary fine art photography.


Multiple award-winning internationally acclaimed photographer, accomplished architect, author and highly sought-after educator, teaching workshops and lecturing around the world, Julia expresses herself artistically through a variety of mediums: architecture, drawing, and photography.

IPA International Photography Awards Professional Architecture Photographer of the Year, World Photography Awards & Hasselblad Masters Finalist, winner of more than 80 prestigious international awards and distinctions, Julia is considered a leader of the contemporary Black and White Fine Art Photography.

Julia is the founder of (en)Visionography™, an artistic movement aiming to define a new way of creating fine art photography. (en)Visionography introduces the concept of “total artistic freedom” in photography, which brings it closer to the idea of art. A new and original concept, (en)Visionography has rapidly gained worldwide recognition and more and more artists eager to create authentic personal art start approaching photography in this way every day.

This theory reflects in her personal creative and processing method Photography Drawing (PhtD™), a method based on the interaction of light with shapes and objects and how this can be translated into an image by using the principles of classical drawing.

The concept of (en)Visionography is best illustrated in the recognizable three-dimensional dark and atmospheric style of her black and white architectural images, style and approach introduced by Julia and that has been an example for many photographers in the 21st Century, bringing them recognition, awards and a career in fine art photography.

Julia was one of the first artists working extensively with digital photography, after having worked for years with analogue photography, who became aware and publicly spoke in her books, articles, lectures and workshops about the need to see digital photography as a new discipline, independent from traditional analogue photography, due to the fundamental differences in the way they are experienced and created.

This new discipline, which she called (en)Visionography™, is the response of photography to art in a time when photography benefits of tremendously evolved technical resources, never before experienced.

Julia’s mission is to make this huge potential known and available to everybody through the concept of (en)Visionography, so each photographer can become an artist by using these tools at their full power. She accomplishes this with her original method of teaching that has helped hundreds of students over the years go from having a passion for photography to becoming the successful artists they dreamed to be.

Author of the best-selling book From Basics to Fine Art – Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond, book that quickly became a reference for the black and white fine art photography community, Julia’s aim is to push the boundaries and to innovate with her work, so to create a new aesthetic in photography.

Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, Julia’s photography can be found in numerous private collections worldwide, and her work is endorsed by major photography and software brands internationally.