Maggie Habieda

Portrait/Glamour Photographer
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How to Market & Sell Corporate Business Portraits

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In English
Monday, April 29, 2019
8:00am to 9:30am

Maggie will share the secrets of her success, such as:

  • Start with top quality photography (master studio lighting skills)
  • Just SHOW UP! Be where your future clients are; networking events, trade shows, Chamber of Commerce events.
  • Build relationships in your community with your future clients.
  • Display large fine art canvas portraits on your gallery walls

Maggie will discuss both Instant and Timeless approaches to photography. She will share with you the opportunities you can uncover with a niche business portrait market, leading you to many other photographic possibilities.

Business portraits are a much needed industry commodity and can be the fastest and most efficient return on investment. Maggie will share the importance of increasing your client’s awareness and education of the business, how to increase your client base, and the power of networking.


Meet one of North America’s Premier Portrait Artists, Maggie Habieda, Owner of Fotografia Boutique, serving the community of Oakville. Maggie designed and built her studio from scratch with a very specific vision in mind. She only wanted to sell large framed canvases, one of a kind designed photo books and designer photo purses, which is a very specific niche in the marketplace.

Maggie’s ambitions and desires come from the heart. Hers is a genuine success story, exemplifying the determination needed to dream, implement and realize a timeless portrait studio recognized internationally for its professionalism, innovation and exceptional quality of work.

Maggie has photographed countless corporate executives, notable politicians, and many performing artists. She is sought out for her captivating, timeless portraits, judicious editing, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Regardless of where you may be on your own photographic journey, there is much you can learn from Maggie. She has created a style that reflects an artistic blend of classic art, mood and enough modern edge to keep it lively, fresh and in demand.

In addition, Maggie has a philanthropic side, as founder and chair of Colours of Love International, a not-for-profit organization. The Colours of Love International Concert celebrates diversity and spreads love and awareness for mental health through the performing arts. It is music and art that bind us all together as a global society.

Maggie also gives back to her photographic community, by mentoring local students, as well as by speaking to professional photographers internationally.

Maggie is an artist, a creative genius, a passionate cultural arts event producer and a successful entrepreneur and supports all artists.

As a member of PPOC, Maggie holds the designation of Master of Photographic Arts (MPA), and her work as been recognized with numerous awards.

  • Masters of Photographic Arts 2016
  • Craftsman Photographic arts 2014
  • Best Wedding Portrait PPOC 2012
  • Best Fashion Image PPOC Ontario 2012
  • Cover Top Choice Magazine Winter 2012
  • Judges Choice Award PPOC 2011
  • Best Feature Album PPOC 2011
  • Tibor Horvath Award of Excellence 2011 PPOC Ontario
  • Studio of the Month WPPI 2011
  • Photographer of the month WPPI 2010