Ladislas Kadyszewski

FineArt-Corporate Photographer
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Photo Safari

Photo safari - See The Most Beautiful Places in Montreal

*Extra Fee – À la Carte
Friday, April 26th, 2019
9:00am to 5:00pm

Ladislas will take you on a journey to discover the beautiful sights of Montreal, including the amazing views of Old Montreal, Mount Royal and St. Helen’s Island. Bring your camera and allow yourself to be dazzled by the historic charm of this beautiful city!

The cost of transportation and lunch is included in the price.


A magnificent, yet unpronounceable artist’s name, rooted in the Polish ancestry of his grandfather, an adventurous spirit that has led him to the four corners of the world, a heart turned to towards others and above all, a unique sensitivity to the beauty of the world.

Born in France in 1971, Ladislas left Paris for Montreal in 1992 and discovered a vocation: photography.

Upon returning from a memorable trip to Southern Africa, Ladislas realised the soothing and uplifting effects his imagery has on those who behold it, and has followed this path ever since.

In a career filled with gratitude, wonder and happiness, Ladislas has had the honour and pleasure of meeting and working with many different people. From the large corporations such as the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club and Montreal Airport, to children’s foundations and private clients all of whom trust him for their visual needs, Ladislas has carved out a place for himself people’s hearts. Working with a single goal for over 20 years, may beauty be of service!