Professional Photographers of Canada
Accreditation Judging

Learn By Listening!

Open to All – no registration required
In English
Thusday, April 23th, 2020
8:00am to 7:00pm

Attend the PPOC Accreditation Judgment (Professional Photographers of Canada) in person. An opportunity to learn by listening judges’ comments on the images presented in different categories. Accreditation is the first step in becoming an official PPOC member.

What is an PPOC accredited member?

An Accredited member of PPOC is a specialist in his or her chosen field of photography.

The accreditation process recognizes photographers who have reached a nationally accepted standard of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts. An accreditation is achieved by submitting ten images in a chosen category to a PPOC Board of Review.

This peer-reviewed program challenges candidates to demonstrate their capability of delivering exceptional quality photography in a chosen category. In assessing Accreditation Submissions, the judges consider the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Quality, Technique, and Story Telling.

Once a member has earned an Accreditation and upgraded to PPOC Accredited Member they can use the title ‘Accredited Professional Photographer’.