Anna Beaudry, MPA

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC Anna caters to the corporate world creating architectural photographs for developers and big businesses across Canada. Anna holds a Master of Photography degree, is a Certified and an Accredited Professional Photographer, and is also President on her building’s strata council. When she’s not sharing her creativity and energy with her clients, you can find her gardening in her urban oasis, snuggling with Zorro the Super Dog, shopping locally in her vibrant neighbourhood, or writing a memoir.


Building Character: How to Capture the Personality of a Building

In this presentation, you will discover the secrets behind photographing architecture and how to capture a building’s unique personality.

A successful architectural photograph isn’t measured by straight lines alone! Think beyond simply photographing a building. You are interpreting someone’s vision, perhaps representing a community landmark, showcasing the proud work of an enormous team, or even evoking nostalgia. All of that takes some thoughtful planning!

Anna will guide you through the essentials of architectural photography, including:

  • Learn to see a building as a living entity
  • Train your eye to find its character strengths
  • What lens? What f-stop?
  • Demystify colour temperatures and light sources
  • Learn to reflect how a building is used
  • Perspective, it’s all in your perspective

You will come away with fresh skills to see buildings in a new way and give your architectural images the dazzle they deserve.