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Rachel Owen

Rachel Owen creates photo-realistic imagery that pulls the viewer into a fantasy world that challenges the boundaries of reality and imagination. Drawing from her vast personal collection of images taken from travels abroad and near home, she digitally combines photographs to create new and otherworldly landscapes. She then inserts a live model and other objects photographed on green screen in her studio to create a seamless photo-realistic final image. Rachel constantly asks “what if?” and her whimsical and surreal images are the answer.


Rachel will be presenting a two-part program staring with “The Power of Pre-Visualization and Knowing Your Why”. Rachel will discuss her thought process while demonstrating a live shoot on a green screen.

The next day, Rachel will lead us through a full composite editing session using the previous day’s images.

Additional Speakers

Anna Beaudry

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Anna Beaudry, MPA

Building Character: How to Capture the Personality of a Building

A successful architectural photograph isn’t measured by straight lines alone!  You are interpreting someone’s vision, perhaps representing a community landmark, showcasing the proud work of an enormous team, or even evoking nostalgia. All of that takes some thoughtful planning!

You will come away from Anna’s presentation with fresh skills to see buildings in a new way and give your architectural images the dazzle they deserve.

Claude Brazeau

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Claude Brazeau, MPA

Creativity in portraiture with natural light.

Claude will walk us through how to create meaningful portraits using natural light and a simple approach. Find out what goes on behind the scenes through stories and lessons from the life of a portrait photographer.

Derek Ford

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Derek Ford

The Business of Commercial Photography

Hailing from Victoria, BC Derek Ford offers his services as a commercial photographer, videographer and editorial director on the global market. Derek will walk us through the business of commercial photography providing insights on contracts, pricing, and working with commercial clients.

Cassandra Jones

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Cassandra Jones, CPA

Photographers as Agents of Change: How Photographic Storytelling Changes The World 

Cassandra’s mission is to “change the world through imagery”. Join Cassandra as she reveals how fostering human connections leads to powerful storytelling and how the printed image creates life-long memories for her clients.


Gary Hill

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Gary Hill

Putting the Fine into Fine Art

Based in the South of England, Gary Hill holds the Fellow of the British Insitute Of Photographers and is a Master Craftsman of the Guild Of Photographers. Join Gary as he explains colour theory, the styling, the backdrop preparation, the classical lighting and shooting, to enable you to create simple but effective fine art style portraits that both your clients and you will love.

Set up to completion will be shown in this exciting masterclass.

Karinda Kinsler

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Karinda Kinsler

Breaking down the walls keeping you from the mythical five-figure clients.

Explore the misconception surrounding five-figure clients and how they relate to the success of photographers. Learn how to break the barriers limiting your financial success.

Tracy Munson

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Tracy Munson, MPA

Every Pet Is A Masterpiece – Animal Behaviour For Photographers

From chaotic canines to contrary kitties, the key to capturing stunning animal portraits is understanding animal behaviour. Knowing how to prevent, recognize, and manage stress will set you and your animal subjects up for a fun and successful session.

Pratik Naik

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Pratik Naik

Revolutionize your Workflow with AI Tools

Canadian Imaging welcomes Pratik Naik back with his whole new program delving into artificial intelligence.

With the fast-moving pace of AI, this class will provide a clear and focused look at some of the tools that are worth exploring specifically to aid with the photographer’s workflow. The curriculum will remain flexible up until the presentation date, and every genre of photography will be considered, incorporating groundbreaking updates over the coming weeks and months.

Optional Programs and Tours
Photo: Destination Victoria & Brandon McGeachie

Friday April 5, 2024 1:00-4:00pm

Join local photographer Derek Ford for a personalized tour of the historic architecture, harbourfront, the oldest Chinatown in Canada, and many nooks and crannies that will pique your visual interest. This meandering walk will begin at the Hotel Grand Pacific and end at the famous Murchies Tea and Coffee House.





Photo: Rabih Madi

Friday April 5, 2024 2:00-5:00pm

Join Rabih Madi, MPA on a hands-on portrait/wedding journey from shooting on location through to delivery. Starting with an outdoor photoshoot, you will learn some tricks and tips for using off camera flash and creating captivating compositions. Then move  to the editing room where Rabih will walk through his process made efficient using AI tools. Bring your camera, triggers and laptops for this hands-on experience.


Photo: Destination Victoria & Clint Rivers

Monday April 8, 2024 8:30-12/1:00

Our private charter with Eagle WingTours will leave the Victoria Harbour at 8:30am (check in is 8:00am) just a few steps away from the Hotel Grand Pacific. After boarding the open/closed catamaran, we will head out for a 3.5-4 hour tour around the Salish Sea searching for wildlife including otters, harbour seals, sea lions, whales, eagles, and a plethora of sea birds as well as views of the stunning coast line. The crew includes naturalist/photographers who will share tips and tricks for capturing beautiful photographs on the ocean and we will communicate with the Captain along the way for a customized experience.