Karinda Kinsler

Karinda started her business in her senior year of college at Texas A&M University.  Unsure what to do with her life life, she was offered a position photographing livestock for a livestock photography company. After a quick stent working for them I quickly discovered that I wanted to really do this on my own.

From livestock, Karinda developed a thriving wedding/newborn photography business which transitioned five years later into her real love: Equine Photography.

During her 10 years in business, Karinda has continually attended workshops, absorbing every bit of information that she could;  and, believes the best thing she ever did was on-on-one business mentoring. It took her business to an entirely new level and even pad for itself after her first in-person sales session.

Karinda has been a part of many spectrums of the industry from Seniors, Weddings, Newborns, Families, Horses, and even high volume Dance Studio Photography over the years. Now, taking what she has learned in different niches of the photography world, Karinda is able to help photographers of all genres build and optimize their businesses so that they can have highly profitable businesses that are simple and fulfilling to run.

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Don’t forget to check out Karinda’s amazing Equine Photography here.

Breaking Down the Walls Keeping You from the Mythical Five-Figure Clients

In this presentation, we will explore the misconception surrounding five-figure clients and how they relate to the success of photographers. While they aren’t the sole measure of success, understanding the keys to breaking sales barriers is crucial for building a thriving business. Breaking free from the limitations of 2-3k sales is paramount. We’ll delve into the three obstacles hindering your progress toward acquiring those five-figure clients. Remember, these clients aren’t simply stumbled upon; they’re deliberately cultivated. Often, the biggest roadblock in this journey is you, the photographer. Join us to learn how to remove this self-imposed barrier and unlock the potential to create your own five-figure clients.