Landscape & Nature Photographer

She has a background in fine art and anthropology. This combined with her love for the natural world, brings a unique perspective to her photography.

President, Trystan Media Inc. 

Active in internet development since 1998, Trevor brings a wealth of experience over many disciplines with a primary focus on Interaction Design & User Experience development.

Charlie has over 20 years experience behind the lens and is the founder of The Fresh Academy. Charlie is a renowned fashion, portrait and function photographer with an FSWPP Honors. Charlie’s work has been published in such publications as The Times, Daily Mail, Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Charlie is also an international speaker in the photography industry.

Creative Leadership Coach

Clare Louise, Creative Leadership Coach and a fine art photographer in her own right, is passionate about authentic creativity. Retraining as a coach; today, Clare Louise is a respected Creative Leadership Coach – empowering creatives to do meaningful work by creating deeper connections to our selves and the world around us through authentic creativity.