Commercial, Fine Art Photographer

Joel Robison is a fine art photographer. His work has been used world wide by clients such as Coca-Cola, FIFA, Yahoo, Adobe, Oprah Magazine, Mariott ArcAngel, Trevillion, PhotoNews Canada, and many more.


Embracing Your Creative Power

In English
Saturday, April 17, 2021
1:30pm to 3:00pm

In this class we will open the door to our creative life and learn how we can develop our own individual creative power that will help to set us apart in the photography industry. Learn how to come up with new ideas, how to step outside the box, and how to push yourself into the creative market and start to leverage your work in a commercial way. This class will be a guide to both the artistic side of photography but also some of the business side as well!


Joel Robison is a Canadian photographer and digital artist originally from the East Kootenays in British Columbia. His work is a blend of whimsy, surreal portraits and self-portraits that illustrate the connection we all have to our imaginations and to the real world around us.

Over the past decade, Joel’s work has reached all corners of the globe through his active social media and his client commissioned work. His work has been featured by Coca-Cola, Adobe, Oprah Magazine, HP, Royal Caribbean and countless others.

Joel is also a passionate teacher and instructor and teaches workshops both online and in person to students around the world, helping them to realize their own potential for creating and telling incredible stories using their own imaginations.

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