Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Storey Wilkins, a passionate wedding and family portrait photographer, has created a highly successful home-based business in Toronto. She believes in the beauty and joy of LOVE and is constantly evolving her creative practices to bring her clients the very best of fine art wedding photography and playful family portraits.



Social NOT Emotional Distance: Wedding Photography During a Pandemic

In English
Saturday, April 17, 2021
10:00am to 11:30am

As wedding photographers, we are tasked with delivering a blend of traditional, candid and documentary photographs that exude joy and love…even during a global pandemic. Learn how to tell the best possible story of the day by capturing the spectrum of emotion behind the masks, plexiglass, and do not cross lines. Storey will review her recent short story and micro-weddings and walk you through how to stay safe, motivated and profitable while capturing quality images.


Storey Wilkins has created a highly successful home-based business recording beautiful weddings and fun family portraits in Toronto. She is known for her special touch in capturing joy with elegance, as well as for her and high standards and professionalism. Her background includes a Masters Degree in psychology, and nine-year tenure as a management consultant. Storey obtained her Master of Photographic Arts from the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2010. Storey’s love of photographing weddings and families is second only to her love of photographing her own daughters.

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